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Episode 120

Published on:

16th Jan 2023

Escape from New Age Deception: Interview with Kara Mosher

Questions for Kara:

First, tell us your testimony of salvation and how you came to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

How were you drawn into the new age “movement” and what do you think attracted you to it?

What are the warning signs for others who may be unaware they are also being deceived by New Age teaching?

What should Christian churches be looking out for to avoid New Age influences infiltrating their teachings?

You’ve explained you were a medium in the past. What was the strangest encounter you had as a medium?

Are there power-enhancing rituals or drugs that a medium can participate in?

You have done a lot of research on key players in satanism. Have you ever witnessed a satanic or Wiccan ritual?

Do you think there is a danger to talking publicly about satanic/Wiccan people or groups?

What organizations do you know of are actively recruiting for these groups?

You mentioned being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. What role did that play in drawing you into New Age beliefs, and do you believe SRI drugs played a role in that?

Tell us about your book. When did you get the idea to write a book and what was your inspiration?

We listened to your account on Blurry Creatures podcast about seeing a gray alien. Can you share that experience with our listeners?

What other supernatural experiences have you had?

Do you remember that these experiences were mostly brought on by psychedelic drugs or were they commonplace events?

Did the beings you encountered seem friendly and inviting or how would you describe their demeanor?

Tell us about the inspiration and reason for your music.

Takeaway: Kara shares what wondrous love the Father has for us, even when we find ourselves in spiritual darkness! God’s love and light in the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can find us wherever we are, and His Spirit can draw us to Him no matter our situation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved!


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