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Episode 169

Published on:

22nd Jan 2024

Episode 169: UFO Disclosure Update - Interview with Sylvia McKelvey

Episode 169 UFO Disclosure Update - Interview with Sylvia McKelvey Show Notes


We welcome back investigator Sylvia McKelvey to Bible Mysteries Podcast! Sylvia has been a Christian investigator for over thirty years. She provided research materials for and appeared in the 1983 documentary, The New Age, Pathway to Paradise. produced by WDFC Christian television in Chicago, Illinois. She has been an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and has served as the MUFON State Section Director for Santa Clara County in California.

Sylvia is the author of Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs, and the Cosmic Christ, which is available at Amazon, Liferich, and Barnes & Noble. Her website is smckelveyahighersource.com. She is a former Petty Officer in the United States Naval Reserve Hospital Corps and served on active duty during Operation Desert Storm. She lives with her husband in Northern California, and she is with us today to discuss UFO disclosure updates. Welcome back, Sylvia!

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All Scripture references are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Revelation 9:1-12, Daniel 12:4 , Revelation 6:19, Revelation 13:4, Matthew 3:16-17, Acts 7:56

Show Notes:

A lot has come out towards disclosure last year, and 2024 looks to be following that pattern. What is the latest you have learned about disclosure and the US Government?

Why has the terminology been changed from UFO to UAP?

In our last interview you stated that the Government is in a precarious position officially to have a full disclosure of UFOs. Has anything changed to force their hand in any direction?

Why are sightings typically military planes and ships and not commercial ships and planes, for the most part? Is it related to nuclear technology?

Do you believe the whistleblowers who testified before Congress are credible witnesses?

The Pentagon admits to AATIP, a $22 million program. Major news outlets have covered this like Fox, CNN, etc. Why is this not the biggest story in the history of the world? Is this a setup for the end times deception?

Whistleblowers from Jesse Marcel, Bob Lazar, and more recently Luis Elizondo and David Grusch have been personally attacked and discredited by official government sources. Is this a standard tactic by the Pentagon to control the narrative around UFOs?

What have you learned about the “jellyfish” UFO that’s been recorded?

Are there different types of UFOs for different beings or different types of travel?

Do you think there is anything to the 8-foot Miami mall aliens story? Was there really a portal opened to allow these things to enter?

Does MUFON investigate UFO phenomenon around the world or mostly in the US/North America?

Have you learned further information about the attacks on villages in Peru by tall aliens flying on antigravity devices similar to hoverboards?

Jeremy Corbell’s latest video series is pushing hard to expose that deep state persons are hiding the truth about an active cooperative alliance between these entities and the US Government. Do you have any further corroborating evidence to show this is true?

Can the success of the US nation in such a short period of time (250 years) be attributed to contact or a covenant with “alien life, or is this a worldwide phenomenon?

The last time you were with us you mentioned that the world is in a preparatory stage to accept UFOs and their occupants. David Grusch is reported by a US Congress member to have stated the “biologic” bodies the government possesses are not alien but rather inter-dimensional beings. What are your thoughts on this?

What is the significance of 1947 and the several events that occurred that year such as discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, the crash landing at Roswell, and others?

Could it be that this is the knowledge that is increasing according to Daniel 12?

Even Tucker Carlson and Rosanne Barr believe what is going on is not simply about money, power, and control, but is intrinsically evil. They even mentioned the word Nephilim in a recent podcast. Is the narrative beginning to shift to acknowledging the spiritual aspect to all this?

Do you think that Government cover-up is due to the belief that government can’t protect against this technology or because the “elites” want to use the technology to control the world?

Wouldn’t Satan have this technology himself already?

Clearly a portal is opened to release fallen angels from the bottomless pit in Revelation 9. I’ve seen a trail cam photo from L.A. Marzulli of what looks like a portal opening, then an elf-like “nordic” entity looking right at the camera. Do you think portals are beginning to proliferate, and could this be due to activity such as CERN and other “scientific” experiments?

The WHO and WEF both announce preparations for a coming Disease X and it’s related “vaccine,” which will really be more MRNA gene therapy. They are pushing for the ability to supersede all national sovereignty and implement forced quarantines and vaccinations. How might this tie in to UFO disclosure?






Disclosure of UFO phenomenon by the US Government is still being closely guarded. It would appear that the entities in cooperation with deep state actors are controlling the release of information to time it to the revealing of the man of sin. We strongly believe UFO sightings are real and increasing in preparation for a coming deception. These are not alien beings or space brothers, but rather spiritual entities we call fallen angels and their demonic cohorts. These, along with their human proxies in government, are setting the stage for the coming false messiah! Sylvia’s insight into these events is astounding.

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