Episode 134: From Rap to Conspiracy - Interview with Josh Monday Show Notes - Bible Mysteries

Episode 134

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24th Apr 2023

Episode 134: From Rap to Conspiracy - Interview with Josh Monday Show Notes

From Rap to Conspiracy - Interview with Josh Monday Show Notes


Josh Monday, along with his brother Jason, host Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast. This podcast is two brothers exposing the evil we face in this world. They cover conspiracy theories and show the audience how it relates to the Bible. Josh Monday is a Christian rapper and Army Veteran. His co-host Jason Monday is a Christian, a father and devoted husband. You will see a variety of different podcast hosts come through and be guests on the show, as well as rap artists, pastors, subject matter experts, and servants of the Lord. We are blessed to have Josh on our show today!


Tell me how you came to be saved

What inspired you to become a Christian rap artist?

What impact did your faith have on your service in the Army?

What led you to start Christian and Conspiracy Podcast?

Did you experience evidence of conspiracies yourself during your time working for the US government?

Were you a part of or involved in any covert operations that had an impact on starting your podcast?

Besides being brothers in Christ, we have music in common. Did you have a career in music prior to being saved, or did you begin rapping after you got saved?

What instruments do you play? Who are you musical influences?

How did you come to meet Bro. Ryan Pitterson?

Where do you think this nation is heading with our current Commander in Chief? (Feel free not to answer!)

As a father, how do you feel satan is particularly interested in sifting our children with deception?

Should the Lord tarry, where do you see your podcast heading in the next five years?


Josh is on the front lines in the spiritual battle we face. This enlightening interview shows a fresh perspective on how a young man came to be used of the Lord to shine a light of truth and expose the dark secrets of the satanic global elite!


Josh has a YouTube channel where you can also hear his music:


Here is a support website where you can donate to his ministry:


Email: joshmonday@rocketmail.com

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