Episode 130: Occult Portals - Interview with Michaela Johnson - Bible Mysteries

Episode 130

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27th Mar 2023

Episode 130: Occult Portals - Interview with Michaela Johnson

Episode 130: Occult Portals - Interview with Michaela Johnson Show Notes


Michaela Johnson has an amazing story to share about how she found her way out of the Occult/New Age deception and discovered real life in Jesus Christ, and she has graciously agreed to share her personal story here with us today.

Michaela is, in her own words, an impresario of life. She is a psychotherapist, aviator, author and podcast host. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Communications, Master of Arts in Psychology, and is a California State Licensed Psychotherapist. Her podcast is Be You, Find Happy, and she has numerous best-selling books available on her website, as well as guided meditations and therapy resources and services.

Questions for Michaela Johnson:

You mentioned that you “started in the New Age movement with a simple “vision board.” What is a vision board, and what did it do?

You’ve shared with me that you did yoga and were meeting people who seemed all powerful, had the lives and homes they wanted , they were “guiding me” to my full potential. Do you feel yoga is a gateway into New Age/Occult practices?

What is the connection between the “master number 33” and the age of Jesus being 33 when He died?

In the thick of your involvement in New Age, you stated, “I was in a relationship that was highly toxic in every way, financial, physical, emotional and verbal. I was paralyzed with fear. I meditated upwards of 3 hours a day in a 120 degree sauna, I was using my third eye (chakra) to call in “love and light,” yet evidently something was missing. Did you feel a sense yet that you weren’t finding what you were needing?

At some point you went back to a Christian church again, though you were raised Christian. What do you think was the reason you “strayed,” for lack of a better term, away from the church? (Many do this, and I think it’s due to a lack of sound doctrinal teaching that drives people away)

Explain what happened when the “dark, evil creature” appeared and threatened you as you began to uncover the truth about New Age teaching.

Things got very difficult after you began seeking the Lord, and you mentioned a person you called the Tool. What do you believe was happening there?

Explain the dream or vision you had about the woman dressed in 1800s clothing and what happened to your back.

You had an encounter with some Christian women in a parking lot. Share what happened there?

Do you now feel secure in Christ and know you have eternal life?

How has your current psychology practice changed from using New Age techniques to help others, guiding workshops, “leading with love and light,” etc.?

Talk about your podcast and what you are working on now!


Whether it is called New Age or something else, it is occult, satanic, and opens up a portal for entities to oppress and possess. Don’t be deceived! Michaela’s story is compelling, and it is proof of how the love of the Lord Jesus Christ can reach us no matter our circumstances. Regardless of our past, God desires an eternal relationship with us, and He sent His only begotten Son to redeem us that we might live in His presence forever!



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