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Episode 126

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27th Feb 2023

Episode 126: Taken - Interview with Karin Wilkinson


Karin Wilkinson was recently featured in LA Marzulli’s latest film The Coming UFO Invasion: Exposing the Dragon’s Dark Secrets. Karin is a saved believer in Christ and has had the experience of being abducted multiple times since childhood. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who worked in the tech industry for many years before retiring to raise her family. Today she has graciously agreed to appear on Bible Mysteries to discuss with us her encounters with extraterrestrial beings and what she believes their agenda might be.

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Show Notes:

Karin is currently a student at The Institute of Biblical Anthropology studying under Dr. Judd Burton. She is currently writing papers on the alien abduction subject from a Christian perspective and working on a book on the topic as well. Here is

Karin’s Testimony:

First of all, I am a born again, spirit filled Christian.  Glory to God!

I was first born again at 18, then later I fell away. I have studied many religions and was even sucked into the new age movement for a while, but God brought me back into the fold like the prodigal son.  I am so grateful!


I have been abducted since as early as I can remember, and hundreds of times.  I have experienced sleep paralysis, traveling through windows and walls, etc. When I call on the name of Jesus, the abductions stop. When I was not born again, or fallen away, the abductions continued.


I have lost at least three confirmed pregnancies to the alien entities.  I have been visited by them, but as this is in LA’s 4th movie, I prefer not to speak about details until the movie is out there. I will speak about the seed war and the pregnancies being taken.

It is a very isolating life.  It’s not a club you want to be in, and there really is no place for people to go to share, to learn how to stop it, or to just feel accepted.


I do not subscribe to the ancient alien theory.  We were not seeded by “these elder races.” We are the creation of the one and only Yahweh.  These are not benevolent space brothers, these are demonic entities.


I was part of a breeding program  I was taken aboard ships and to underground facilities. I saw both humans and non-human entities during my abduction experiences (Greys, tall blondes, insect looking creatures and a lizardy one, for example)


I have had a near death experience. I have had an angelic encounter. I have seen UAP/UFOs. I am Rh-negative O blood type and have green eyes. My family were Masons and I was inducted into the “Rainbow Girls” in my teens. There is a lot of suspicious family history – but that is a conversation for another day.


I have suffered emotional and physical ailments and have had surgeries due to the things theses evil entities did to me.  A hysterectomy, removal of tumors, and eight spinal reconstruction surgeries, to name a few.


I have been asked, how can I have so much faith in God after all that, and my answer is this… My suffering is nothing compared to the sacrifice and suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He saves me every second of every day, and I intend to utilize my experiences to glorify God, to share the truth, and to help others in any way I can.

I am in the process of writing a book about my experiences and about the hybrid program and how it has come about. 


We believe these abductions are real, and we submit Karin’s testimony for you to judge for yourself whether she is credible. We, along with LA Marzulli, believe Karin, and we trust that she is not only on the level, but has a sincere desire to expose what the adversary is doing to deceive humanity. A great deception is coming, and we are starting to understand how the Serpent plans to bring this about thanks to the experiences of Karin and many others!


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